Biennial Message of James D Williams To the General Assembly 51st Regular Session Transmitted January 10 1879
The War of Slavery Upon the Constitution
Bulletin of the California Fish and Game Commission No 1
The Private Soldier of the Army of the Declaration
Battling for a Fortune Or the Black Hand
The Typical American
The New Fugitive Slave Law
Milk Ordinance of the City of Niagara Falls New York Passed June 26 1916
Tiamat and Other Verses
The Contribution of Boston to American Independence Oration Delivered Before the Mayor and Citizens of Boston at the One Hundred and Twenty-First Celebration of the Declaration of Independence Monday July 5 1897
ULA the Record
Reply of the Board of Health of the City and County of San Francisco in the Matter of the Final Report of the Grand Jury Empaneled in San Francisco Dec 30 1895
Discourse on the Death of Gen Joseph KF Mansfield Preached in the South Congregational Church Middletown on Sabbath Evening September 28 1862
The Admiral a Dramatic Triad
Speech of Hon Edwards Pierrepont Delivered at the Convention and Mass Meeting of the Democracy Opposed to the Chicago Platform Held at the Cooper Institute New York November 1 1864 Volume 2
Eulogium on Chief Justice Marshall Delivered in the Unitarian Church Washington City on the 24th of September 1835
Hearings Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations Consisting of Messrs Cannon
Political Record of Stephen A Douglas on the Slavery Question a Tract Issued by the Illinois Republican State Central Committee
An Oration on the Real Nature and Value of the American Revolution
Our Hotel or Rats the Bell Boy
The Nation and the Constitution an Oration Delivered Before the City Authorities and Citizens of Providence July 4 1866
To the 38th Congress of the United States of America
H G at Chappaqua
Cranford Dames
Society of the War of 1812 of the District of Columbia
Military Operations in Georgia During the War Between the States Address Delivered Before the Confederate Survivors Association in Augusta Georgia Upon the Occasion of Its Fifteenth Annual Reunion on Memorial Day April 26th 1893
Proclamations by the Governor of North Carolina Together with the Opinion of Chief-Justice Pearson and the Reply of the Governor
Handbook District of Columbia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
The Treachery in Texas the Secession of Texas and the Arrest of the United States Officers and Soldiers Serving in Texas Read Before the New-York Historical Society June 25 1861
The Proposed Practice Code Hearing Before the Subcommittee of the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate Sixty-Fourth Congress First Session on S 1412 January 25 1916
Speech of Mr Webster at Capon Springs Virginia Together with Those of Sir HL Bulwer Wm L Clarke Esq June 28 1851 Volume 1
Germanys Confession
Jonathan Edwards A Study an Address Delivered at Stockbridge Massachusetts October 5 1903 by John de Witt
Sir Edwards Evidence
Historic Letters from the Collection of the West Chester State Normal School
The Man Who Came Back a Playlet
The Chemistry of Mineral Tannages
The Amalgamation of the British Army
The Mental Symptoms of Fatigue
The Rolling Stone A Series of Original Poems
On Aristotle as a Biologist with a Prooemion on Herbert Spencer
A Short Account of the Life and Conversion of Sukey Harley Taken from Her Lips by the Rectors Daughter [- Guise]
On the Forms of Unicursal Quintic Curves
The Primal Root-Causes of the Decline of the British Empire 1876-1911
The Comin Out of Mary Jane Cummins
The Conspiracy Against Mexico
The Attitude of James Buchanan a Citizen of Lancaster County
Ultra-Violet Rays References to Material in the New York Public Library
Unveiling and Presentation of the Monument Erected on Dover Green by the Delaware State Society of the Cincinnati
Report on Telegraphs and Apparatus
Report of the Governor of Utah to the Secretary of the Interior
An Essay on the Expediency of Establishing a Literary Society in the Town of Bedford
Sonnets Volume 1
The Battle of the Scalds
The French Socialist Party and War Aims Replies to the Questionnaire
Charlemont as a Plantation An Historical Discourse at the Centennial Anniversary of the Death
The Mastership and Its Fruits The Emancipated Slave Face to Face with His Old Master a Supplementa
An Illustration of the Benefit Which Branch Railway Companies Proprietors of Existing Main Lines of Railways Landowners and the Public at Large May Derive from Branch Railways
The Little Life of Lincoln In Short Stories
Scottish Record Society [Publications] Volume 19
Dimension of the Fixed Stars With Special Reference to Binaries and Variables of the ALGOL Type
Down Around the River And Other Poems
Some Words to the Shareholders of the Comstock Tunnel Company
S Paul on the Ministry of Women
Short Cataloguing and Bibliographical Cataloguing
Manifesto to the Nation by the Executive Power of the Republic of Panama on the 24th of August 1921 and Note of Protest to the Secretary of State of the United States of America by the Secretary of Foreign Relations of Panama on Special Mission to the Was
School Laws of the State of Wyoming in Force June 30 1899
The Use of Wood for Fuel
The Counsel Assigned
A Personal Tribute to Governor Frederic T Greenhalge
On the Procession of the Holy Spirit With a Proposal for a Synodical Declaration Thereupon Sermon Preached in Licoln Cathedral on Whitsunday 1872
Ion [A Tragedy in Five Acts]
Beowulf Cynewulf and His Greatest Poem
Jefferson Davis Amnesty
Annual Report Volume 1977-78
Japan and China
Life Insurance for Professors A Study of the Problem of Protection for the Families of Salaried Men
Speech of Hon LFS Foster of Connecticut on the Lecompton Constitution Delivered in the Senate of the United States March 8 and 19 1858
Some Noteworthy Properties of the Triangle and Its Circles
Report on the Statistics of Express Companies in the United States
The Biological Relation of Aquatic Plants to the Substratum
Speeches of Mr Calhoun of South Carolina on the Ten Regiment Bill And in Reply to Mr Davis of Mississippi and Mr Cass
A Pedagogical Library
Bulletin Issue 117
the Mineral Structure of Some Victorian Rocks
Aux Archives Vaticanes
Modern Italy A Poem
A Catalogue of Plans and Views of New York City from 1651 to 1860 Exhibited at the Groelier Club from December 10 to December 25 MDCCCXCVII
A Salvoe
The Witwatersrand and the Revolt of the Uitlanders
Inhabitants of Birmingham Edgbaston and Aston Possessing Goods to the Value of Ten Shillings and Upwards in the Year 1327 Being a List of Persons Taxed to the Amount of the Twentieth of Their Movables as a Subsidy for the Defence of the Kingdom Agains
Otro Diablo Predicador O El Liberal Por Fuerza Intermedio Dramatico
Nature of the Physical Forces
Missionary Toils a Poem by Matilda
First Chapters on the Church of England
The Good Man a Pvblick Good 1 Passively 2 Actively as It Was Manifested in a Sermon Preached to the Honourable House of Commons at the Late Solemne Fast January 31 1643
Natural Principles Regulating Railway Rates
Indian Famines Their Causes and Prevention
The Small Mammals of Colorado
An Historical Sketch of the Paper Money Issued by Pennsylvania Together with a Complete List of All the Dates Issues Amounts Denominations and Signers
Special Report of the Kansas State Board of Agriculture For the Information of Homeseekers
Present Problems in the Training of Mining Engineers
Prize Poem the Auld Brig OSlittricks Last Address to the Magistrates Town-Council and Inhabitants of Hawick
Information Concerning Some of the Principal Navies of the World A Series of Tables Compiled to Answer Popular Inquiry
The Relation of Legal Education to Governmental Problems An Address Before the Harvard Law School Association
The Church in Connecticut 1705-1807 Illustrative Documents
Some Reasons Why Franklin K Lane and the Democratic Ticket Should Be Elected
Perkins Reaction The Action of Salicylic Aldehyde on Sodium Succinate in Presence of Acetic Anhydride
The Land of the Sky A Pictureque Country on the Southern Railway
By a Western Wayside
Suitability [!] of Grapes for General Culture in the States of the Old South
How to Tame Your Mother-In-Law A Farce in One Act
An Address Delivered Before the Concord Female Anti-Slavery Society
Report of the Committee of Nine to the American Historical Association
Hands All Round a Patriotic Play in One Act
Some Account of the State of the Prisons in Spain and Portugal
New York State Veterinary College a Special Report to the President of Cornell University
America for Free Working Men!
Review by the Judge Advocate General of the Proceedings Findings and Sentence of a General Court Martial Held in the City of Washington for the Trial of Major General Fitz John Porter of the United States Volunteers
Raising the Standard a Story of Effort and Achievement
Speech of Hon S S Cox Before the Johnson Union Club of the 6th Congressional District New York on the 9th of August 1866
Deficiencies in Our History An Address Delivered Before the Vermont Historical and Antiquarian Society at Montpelier October 16 1846
Now and Then
The Sparkling Cup a Temperance Drama in Five Acts
Vacation an Original Comedy in Two Acts
An Account of the Late Proceedings of the Dissenting Ministers at Salters-Hall Occasioned by the Differences Amongst Their Brethren in the Country in a Letter to the Revd Dr Gale
A Tale of the Rebellion Facts and Figures from the Standpoint of a Departmental-Clerk
Washingtons Home
Supplemental Hearings Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations Consisting of
Jewelers and Silversmiths Weights and Measures
Report Volume No5
The Conspiracy of the Privileged
There Is Something in the Air
The Improved Hammonton Incubators Also Information on Incubation and Appliances
Letter to William Pitt Upon the Subject of His Late Speech in Parliament Concerning the Scots Distilleries
Uplift Lines
Saxon Tithing-Men in America Read Before the American Antiquarian Society October 21 1881
Patent Applied For a Play in One Act
Historical Tables Complete Hand-Book of Dates Chronologically Arranged
Letter of Wm Nelson Cromwell to Hon J Van Vechten Olcott Member of Congress from New York Concerning Panama Canal Matters Dated February 4 1909
Lux Gentis Nigrae
Hearings Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations Consisting of Messrs Forney
A Sermon Preached at Epping NH September 21 1854 at the Funeral of Hon William Plumer
The Industrious Apprentice A Sermon Preached at the Great Synagogue on Sabbath December 10th 1887
Savings Insurance
New Forms of Christian Education an Address to the University Hall Guild
Rules and Regulations 1910 Officers Council Committee on Membership Enrolled Members
Report of the Selectmen Auditors and Superintending School Committee of the Town of Dunbarton for the Year Ending Volume 1871
Catalogue of Law Books Aug 1 1862
Annual Report of the Town of South Hampton New Hampshire Volume 1900
Cornell University Announcements Volume 5 Issue 13
Upon Whom Rests the Guilt of the War? Separation War Without End Volume 2
University Extension Lectures
Amendment to Federal Reserve ACT Hearing Before the Committee on Banking and Currency of the House of Representatives on S 2472 an ACT to Amend the ACT Approved December 23 1913 Known as the Federal Reserve ACT
Receipts and Expenditures of the Town of Durham for the Year Ending Volume 1846 1847
New Men and Old Acres a Comedy
Studies on Hog Cholera
A Tribute to Bayard Taylor An Essay and Poem
Annual Report of the Town of Rye New Hampshire Volume 1898
Report by the Selectmen of the Town of Andover for the Year Ending Volume F44 A55 1891
Report on the Gauge for the St Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad
Annual Report of the Town of South Hampton New Hampshire Volume 1899
Relation of the High-Temperature Treatment of High-Speed Steel to Secondary Hardening and Red Hardness
A Review of the Bishop of Ossorys [JT OBriens] Plea from The Bible and the Bible Alone for the Doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration
An Oration Delivered at Plymouth December 22 1802 at the Anniversary Commemoration of the First Landing of Our Ancestors at That Place
Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciences Volume 10
The American Board and Ecclesiastical Councils
Annual Report of the Town of Rollinsford New Hampshire Volume 1916
Arkansas State Supplement
On Para-Chlor-Meta-Sulpho-Benzoic Acid and Some of Its Derivatives
The Constitution and By-Laws
A Compleat Key to the Dunciad
Rules and Regulations Relating to the Anchorage of Vessels in the Port of New York
Changes in the Cost of Living July 1914-July 1920
Opening Doors in Latin America
We Are French!
Cauhgt [Sic] in the ACT
Report of the Congressional Committee on the Operations of the Army of the Potomac
Soldiers of Osceola Lewis County New York in the Great War of 1914-1918
A Monograph of the Anderson Clark Marshall and McArthur Connection
Memoir Upon the Improvement of the Sheep and Goats of Italy [By S Bannister]
Report of the Committee on a System of Sewerage for the City of Holyoke
Notes on Grasses and Forage Plants of the Southeastern States
Muhlenbergia A Journal of Botany Volume 8
Publicity of Election Expenditures
The Forest Tree Plantation
Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards Issue 422
Hurrah for the New Year
In Justice to the Nation American History in American Schools Colleges and Universities
Historical Syllabus from 1700 CE to the Present Day A Course of Thirteen Readings
Library Printing
Irrigation of the Sacramento Valley Address of JB Lippincott at the Reception of the Congressional Irrigation Committee at Red Bluff California June 15 1905
John Dale the American a Story
Report of the Present Fashions with the Square Rules and Variations to Fit the Human Shape
Some Distinctions in Our Cultivated Barleys with Reference to Their Use in Plant Breeding
The Cornish Club
Foreign Trade and the Interior Bank
Religious Influence in Mission Schools Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Ferry Road on Long Island
A Home in Southern California
Venereal Diseases in Siam League of the Red Cross Societies Far Eastern Conference Bangkok November-December 1922
Ireland Agriculture and the War An Open Letter to Irish Farmer by the Editor of the Irish Homestead
The Character of Shakespeare
Monterey Cypress
The Influence of Washington Address Before the Historical Society of Berks
The Octave Staff Diatonic and Chromatic Reducing the Different Staves to One Furnishing an Exclusive Place for Each Tone Without Flats or Sharps
Fishways in the Inland Waters of British Columbia
Law and Regulations Relative to Excise Tax on Corporations Joint Stock Companies Associations and Insurance Companies Imposed by Authority of Section 38 Act of August 5 1909 December 3 1909
Strictures on a Work Entitled a Vindication [Of the Character of Bishop Bull] in a Letter to Charles Daubeney
Adversaria Sinica Volume 2
Statements of Apropriations Expenditures and Balances Seacoast Fortifications and Field Artillery (Organized Militia Artillery Excluded) for the United States and Its Insular Possessions (Panama Canal Excluded) 1888 to June 30 1915 Inclusive
The Second Revolution a Political Treatise
An Address Delivered at North-Yarmouth April 28 1830 Before the Cumberland Co Temperance Society
Annual Reports of the Selectmen and Superintending School Committee of the Town of Franklin Volume 1875
The Laws of Rhode Island College Enacted by the Fellows and Trustees
The National Geological Surveys of Europe
Report of the Committee of the Citizens Association of Chicago on Education
The Preservation of the Republic an Oration Delivered Before the Municipal Authorities and Citizens of Providence July 4 1862
Electrical Measurements Instruction Paper Volume 2
America in the Making
The West A Collection of Verses Expressing the Spirit of the West
Hints from Utopian Schools
Company Man Uvres Or Suggestions for Company Drill in the System Laid Down in the Field Exercise and Evolutions of Infantry
What Shall Be Done with the People of Color in the United States? a Discourse Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church of Penn Yan New York November 2D 1862
Some Fundamental Issues of the Present War
Sphagum Moss War Substitute for Cotton in Absorbent Surgical Dressings
An Historical Discourse Delivered in the New North Church October 1 1854
Bostons Story in Inscriptions Being Reproductions of the Markings That Are or Have Been on Historic Sites
An Oration Delivered Before the Newburyport Artillery Company Upon Their Fifty-Eighth Anniversary July 4th 1836
Formicidae Borneenses Collectae A J Doria Et O Beccari in Territorio Sarawak Annis 1865-1867
Potowonok An Historical Sketch of Fort Madison in Verse
The Centennial of Illinois Statehood
The Stenographic Standard Or a Practical System of Short-Hand
Seven Articles on London Pauperism and Its Relations with the Labour Market Published in The Parochial Critic and Weekly Record of Metropolitan Organisations in July and August 1870
Eulogy on Chief-Justice Chase
Ritual of the Society Tom Os Hanter Cavern No
Lecture on the Uncertainties of History Delivered in the Hall of the House of Representatives of the United States Before the Capitol Hill Institute Dec 17 1842
Fitz-John Porter Speech of the Hon Wm Walter Phelps February 1 1884 House of Representatives
Per Diem Service Pensions
Hearings Before Committee on Insular Affairs House of Representatives Forestry Matters in the Philippines
The Hyperbolic Curve and the Law of Progression of Rotating Bodies
How to Vitalize the Teaching of Agriculture in the Rural Schools
The Kennicott Company
The War with Spain Speech in the House 1898
The Carver Centenary
Lessons of Encouragement from the Times of Washington
Hocken Library Facsimile Issue 4
Food Values
Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards Issue 9
Words of Tender Counsel and Caution Suitable for the Present Time or Selected Extracts on Six Subjects
Examination and Certification of Teachers
Gambling Communities Authority of Law and Law Authorities Under the Charm of Nickel Slots in Saloons A Socialistic Treatise
Matilda Patience Abigail
The Crime of the Culprit Fay Introductory to Drakes Poem
Regulations No 58 Relating to Tax on the Issuance of Insurance Policies Under Sections 503 504 of the Revenue Act of 1918
Statement Made Before the Committee of the Legislative Assembly on the University of Toronto in Reply to Those of REVd Drs Cook Green Stinson and Ryerson
Some Remarks on Dr Kennedys Critical Examination of the Complete Latin Grammar
Cleveland Hospital and Health Survey
The Cottage Girl Or an Account of Ann Edwards
The Law-Abiding Conscience and the Higher Law Conscience With Remarks on the Fugitive Slave Question a Sermon Preached in the South Presbyterian Church Brooklyn Dec 12 1850
[Modern Business] Before You Begin How to Use the Modern Business Course and Service
Reconstruction in Okitbbeha County
Speech of Hon Jas W Throckmorton of Texas in the House of Representatives March 1 1877 Together with the Report of the Hon L Q C Lamar of Mississippi Chairman of the Committee on Pacific Railroads Made to the House of Representatives Janua
General Series Volume No 25
A Letter of Dr Bushnell of Hartford on the Rationalistic Socinian and Indfidel
Report on Sugar Beets Raised Upon the Farm of the Massachusetts Agricultural College
Socialism What Is It? Is It Christian? Should the Church Take Any Interest in It?
Some Greek and Roman Ideas of a Future Life
Justice a Discourse to the Students of the Law Department of the Indiana University Delivered at Their Request on Conferring Upon the Graduating Class Their Diplomas February 26 1850
An Experimental Study of the Lippmann Color Photograph
Sugar Frauds and the Tariff Their Relations to Home Product Consumption Industry Imports Duties and Revenue Analyzed and Exhibited Duty Drawback Sampling Grading Adulterations and the Polariscope
Geography Manual of Europe as Defined by the Treaty of Versailles
The Girl and the Outlaw a Dramatic Playlet
Hand-Book for Emigrants to Queensland Australia
An Early News-Sheet The Russian Invasion of Poland in 1563
A Sermon Preahced at Plymouth NH on the Occasion of the Death of Col David Webster
Into Free Poland Via Germany
Ordnance Memoranda Issue 24
Address to the People of Canada Concerning Their Sympathy with the Southern Rebels Dated Toronto 4th Arpil 1865
Lecture on an International Code of Commerce
Hickry Farm a Comedy-Drama of New England Life in Two Acts as Presented at the Lexington Ave Opera House New York
The Sunday School Offering Designed to Please and Instruct Children and Youth and Especially Adapted to Sabbath School Exhibitions
A Resurrection of the Blue-Laws Or Maine Reform in Temperate Doses Being a Discussion of the Principles Moral Political and Constitutional Involved in the Provisions of the Liquor Bill Before the Massachusetts Legislature During the Session of 185
Taylor Meeting
An Outline of Philosophy in America
Pension Appropriation Bill Fiscal Year 1922 Hearings Before Subcommittee
The Radioactivity of Illinois Waters
Justinas Letters in Reply to Miss Garretts Defence of the Contagious Diseases Acts
The Swiss Army System
Sermons to Men Women and Children by the Author of Sermons to Asses
Massachusetts Anti-Liquor Law With Analysis and Exposition Also the Proceedings of the State Temperance Convention Held at Worcester June 23d and 24th
A Lecture on Some Portraits of Shakespeare and Shakespeares Brooch
Practical Remarks on the Corn Laws as Viewed in Connexion with the Corn Trade and Suggestions for Their Improvement
Grades and Amount of Lumber Sawed from Yellow Poplar Yellow Birch Sugar Maple and Beech
A Hemlock Bark Study in Culled Forests of the Western Adirondacks
Rimes in Olive Drab
Speech of Hon John S Wise
Mr Websters Speech in Answer to Mr Calhoun March 22 1838
A Symphony in Black a Comedy in Two Acts for Female Characters Only
Constitutive Acts of the Mexican Federation 21 of January 1824 Also Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States October 4 1824
Catalogue Union Evang Sabbath School of Amesbury Salisbury Mass
A Catalogue of Lantern Slides for the Use of High Schools Academies Colleges and Universities Illustrating Chiefly Greek and Roman Archaeology Together with a Selected List of American Slides for Teachers of Physiography
Sermon in Memory of the REV E Edwards Beardsley
Birth Control in Its Medical Social Economic and Moral Aspects
Votum Pro Caesare Or a Plea for Caesar Discovering Briefly the Great Sinfulness of Opposing the Authority of the Higher Powers Delivered in a Sermon Octob 71660
Tracts Issue 7
Amendments of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1896
Gun-Shot Injuries of the Knee Joint Requiring Amputation
The Gambling Element in Life A Sermon Preached in Boston Oct 29 1871
Plain Facts Against the Popes Pretensions
Why Go to College? An Address
Crown Practice of the Supreme Court of the North-West Territories
Occasional Papers Issue 2
Fallacies of the Broken Gauge Mr Lushingtons Argument in Favour of Broad Gauge and Breaks of Gauge Refuted Being a Reply to the Remarks of a Late Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge in the Report of the Gauge Commissioners
Annual Report Volume 31
The Man OAirlie A Drama of the Affections the Dramatic Sensation of London in 1863 and Acted with Equal Success in America Where It Was First Produced in June 1871
Popliteal Aneurism Treated by a New Method of Compression
A Letter to the Earl of Harrowby On the Report of the Maynooth Commission
Reclassification of Salaries of Employees of First-Class Post Offices Hearings Before the Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads United States Senate Sixty-Fourth Congress First Session on S 4806 a Bill to Reclassify the Salaries of Employees Abov
Art Education and Art Patronage in the US
Charter and By-Laws
The Necessity of a Ship-Canal Between the East and the West
The Lone Hut Or a Legend of Mont Blanc a Drama
Slavery Its Origin Nature and History Its Relations to Society to Government and True Religion to Human Happiness and Divine Glory Considered in the Light of Bible Teachings Moral Justice and Political Wisdom Volume 2
Abraham Lincoln Volume 2
An Address to the Citizens of New-Hampshire
The Union a Sermon Delivered in Grace Church New York on the Day of the National Fast January 4 1861 Volume 2
The Story of La Roche
Sabbath Studies by the Author of a Synopsis of the Evidences of Christianity
A Confutation of a Late Pamphlet Intituled a Letter Ballancing the Necessity of Keeping a Land Force in Time of Peace with the Dangers That May Follow on It
The Edgerly Family
An Address Delivered at the Anniversary of the Cooper Female Academy July 17 1850
A Sermon Preached at the New Church of Calcutta Before the Right Honorable the Earl of Mornington on Thursday February 6th 1800 Being the Day Appointed for a General Thanksgiving by the Revd Claudius Buchanan
A Candid View of the Presidential Question
The Church in the Middle Centuries An Attempt to Ascertain the Age and Writer of the Codex Boernerianus [Signed JI]
A Treatise on Grain Stacking
The Workers Industrial Index to London
Kansas as She Has Grown Up and Something about Montgomery County Her Most Marvelous Section and Its Natural Resources and Industrial Development
Second Floor Spoopendyke A Farce in Two Acts
Some Pre-Columbian Discoveries of America
The Hero of Lexington
Bulletin Volume 2 Issue 2
Assessment of Railways A Mode of Ascertaining the Contributive Value of a Branch to a Main Line of Railway and Also of Each District of a Railway to the Other Districts in Accordance with the Judgment of the Court of Queens Bench in the Case of R V
San Juan County Utah
Ane Tractat of a Part of Ye Yngliss Cronikle Shawand of Yar Kings Part of Yar Ewill Gouernance (from Asloans MS)
The Cavalier Dismounted an Essay
The Lords Supper a Sermon
A Few Words on the Future of Westminster School Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
An Early News Sheet The Russian Invasion of Poland in 1563
Why the United States of America Entered the War
A Study of Some Texan Ponerinae
A Statesman at Home a Dramatic Fragment by GTL
A Tentative List of Georgetown Men in the Military Service of the United States
The Ready Informant
Labor Rhymes
A Tender Attachment a Farce
A Cycle of Work in the Kindergarten and Primary School
A Case for Eviction a Comedietta in One Act
A Discourse Delivered at Schenectady July 22 1823 Before the New York Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa
Life of St Columban
A Word for the Slain a Sermon
The Rainbow of Hope Spanning the Deluge of Mans Sorrow (Leicester Prize Essays on Sunday Amusements)
The Distribution of Estates of Deceased Persons in Massachusetts
The Charity Pupil
The Cross and Anchor Written for the Fair
The Romantic Scottish Ballads and the Lady Wardlaw Heresy
The Case-Construction After the Comparative in Plinys Letters
A Bar-Lambs Ballad Book
The Relation of Inference to Fact in Mills Logic
The Sunday Next Before Easter Commonly Called Palm Sunday
Alaska Coast Pilot Notes from Yakutat Bay to Cook Inlet
A Plea for the West a Sermon Preached Before the Missionary Society of the Synod
Biennial Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Illinois
The Psychology of Confidence-An Experimental Inquiry
Annual Report of the State Board of Arbitration of Illinois
Original Poems in the Amatory Heroic Pathetic and Other Styles by a Traveller [Signing Himself JH 13 PT with Various Imprints and a Collective Title-Leaf]
Report of Commission on Agricultural Research November 1908
A Meteorological Register Kept at Mansfield Woodhouse [By H Rooke] from 1785 to 1794 [With] a Continuation
The Gospel of Paul of Tarsus and of His Opponent James the Just from Our Current New Testament
Annual Report of the Town Officers
A Brief Treatise Upon the Nature Faculties Value and Final Destination of the Human Soul
The Downfall of Humanity a Drama in Three Acts
The Fight for the Drama at Oxford
The Use of the Library
A List of British Birds
The Site of the Assay Office on Wall Street an Illustrated Historical Sketch of the Successive Publ
A Night Out
The Problem of Jesus
The Son of Maine
Papers and Correspondence Relating to the Contract Between the Government of Nova Scotia and the International Contract Company For the Construction of the Truro and Moncton or the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Railway
The Principles and Policy of the Democratic Party
A Description of Trenton Falls
The Bi-Literal Cypher
The Fallacy of Danger from Great Wealth
An Arithmetical Theory of Certain Numerical Functions
The Hour of Magic and Other Poems
A New Work in Favor of the Whig Cause and the Election of General Harrison
The Council of Dogs
A Reply to the Committee of the Promoters
An Outline
The Way Called Heresy
A Sermon Preached Church in Battle Street Boston
The Case of Benjamin Rathbun This Remarkable Financiers Own Statement of His Operations in Buffalo
Some Old-Time Old-World Librarians
An Account of the Pilgrimage to the Tomb of General Grant
The Charter and By-Laws of the Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on Lives Granting Annuities and
Nuggets of Poems and Prose
Over the Hill to the White House
The Deep Lying Auriferous Gravels and Table Mountains of California
A Charge to the Clergy and Churchwardens of the Archdeaconry
The Wonderful Story of Illinois
Opportunities of the Rural Population for Higher Education
Memorandum on Gas Poisoning in Warfare With Notes on Its Pathology and Treatment
A Selected Bibliography of Missionary Literature
Work of the Colored Law and Order League Baltimore
An Address Delivered on the Occasion of the Erection of a Monument at Laurel Run Luzerne County Pennsylvania September 12 1896 to Mark the Spot Where Capt Joseph Davis and Lt William Jones of the Pennsylvania Line Were Slain by the Indians April
Socrates and Plato A Criticism of Professor AE Taylors Varia Socratica
The Religion of Mr Kipling
A Medico-Legal Examination of the Case of Charles B Huntington
Material for Southwestern History in the Central Archives of Mexico
Historical Paintings of the Slavic Nations
The King A Morality
War A Theosophical View
Speech of Hon John H Reagan of Texas
American Authors and British Pirates
The Dutch in Western Guiana
The Guiana Boundary A PostScript to the Work of the American Commission
A Letter to Those of His Brethren in the Ministry Who Refuse to Admit the REV Mr Whitefield Into T
The Osmotic Pressure of Cane Sugar Solutions at 50
The Catholics and the Public Schools
A Compendious Account of the Late War to Which Is Added the Curious Adventures of Corporal Samuel Stubbs (a Kentuckian of 65 Years of Age)
The Boyne Valley
The Annalist Licinianus A Lecture Delivered in the Hall of Corpus Christi College Oxford May 29 1908
The Affairs of Rhode-Island a Discourse Delivered in the Meeting-House of the First Baptist Church
A Supplement on Kentucky History
The Constitution of the Confederate States Montgomery 1861
The Jumano Indians
The Golconda Gold Mine Or a Scheme for Millions
The Connection of the Holy Sacraments with the Spiritual Life and Their Influence on the Ministerial Office and Character a Sermon
The Memorial Record of Waitsfield Vermont
A Vindication of the Authenticity of the Elephant Pipes
The Anglo-Saxon Runic Casket (the Franks Casket) Five Photographed Plates with Explanatory Text
An Inventory of the Contents of the Shop and House of Captain George Corwin of Salem
An Inquiry Into the Commercial Liabilities and Assets of China in International Trade
A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of Gen William Henry Harrison
An Address Delivered in Zion Church at Easton on the 4th of July 1835
The Taymouth Castle Manuscript of Sir Gilbert Hays Buik of King Alexander the Conquerour
Necessary Basis of the Teachers Tenure
A Funeral Address Delivered at the Interment of the Hon John Nicholas on Sunday the 2D Day of January 1820 in Trinity Church Geneva
An Address Delivered Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Plains of Long Island
An Address Delivered Before the Literary Societies of Geneva College
The Presentation of the Portraits of General Whipple Signer of the Declaration of Independence and David Glasgow Farragut
A List of the Members of the New-England Historic Genealogical Society January 1877
The Claim of James Tongue John Scrivener and William Hodsons Representatives
An Affectionate Address to Church People and Dissenters by a Lay Churchman [Signed JDHH]
The Latin Epigram of the Middle English Period With Special Reference to Ms Reg 17c XVII Fol 17b-18
Implement Sheds
The Primary School Spelling-Book Designed for Primary and Intermediate Schools
An Address Literary Societiies of the Rochester University
An Introduction to the Study of Obadiah
The State Sovereignty Record of Massachusetts
The Determination of Total Sulphur in India Rubber
The Dahlia Manual A Treatise on Dahlia Culture
The Way of Prayer
A Cat with Four Hundred and Fifty Tails
The Times and Signs of the Times Baccalaureate Sermon to the Graduating Class of Washington College August 31 1862
A Memorial of Abraham Lincoln Late President of the United States
Dedication of the New Building and Hall of the Boston Medical Library Association 19 Boylston Place December 3 1878
A Lovers Stratagem a Comedy
The Translation a Poem
Is the Church of England Protestant?
Transaction Volume 41
The Text of the Ethiopic Version of the Octateuch with Special Reference to the Age and Value of Th
Address Delivered at the Semi-Centennial Anniversary of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society
Report of EL Pierce Government Agent
The Northern Iron A Discourse Delivered in the North Church Hartford on the Annual State Fast April 14 1854
Speech of Mr J S Johnston at a Public Dinner Given to Him and the Hon E D White in the City of New Orleans on the 8th of June 1831
The Humbugs of Niagara Falls Exposed
The Nicaragua Canal and Commerce and the Nicaragua Canal Its Political Aspects
The Massacre of the Innocents
The Tales of Terror
The Emigrant or Reflections
Incentives to Mental Culture Among Teachers
A Lecture on the Dry Rot
Tentative Report March 10 1916
An Historical and Metrical Introduction Into the Study of Shakspeares Works with Particular Regard to His Julius Caesar
An Dration
Contributions Towards a Bibliography of the Higher Education of Women--Supplement Issue 1
Exposition of the Illegal Acts of Ex-President Balmaceda Which Caused the Civil War in Chile
A Curious Paper of the Time of Queen Elizabeth Respecting the Office of the Revels [Ed by JO Halliwell Phillipps]
The National Soil Fertility League
Scientific Memoirs by Officers of the Medical and Sanitary Departments of the Government of India Issue 24
Judah Touro Merchant and Philanthropist
The Cost of Growing Timber
Why Strikes Are Lost How to Win
Teachers Manual for First Year Algebra Scales
List of the Specimens of Myriapoda in the Collection of the British Museum
Paris Green Spraying Experiments
The Hudson Illustrated with Pen and Pencil
The Subjunctive Mood in Don Quijote de La Mancha Dissertation
The Destiny of the Races of This Continent an Address Delivered Before the Mercantile Library Association of Boston Massachusetts on the 26th of January 1859 by Frank P Blair Jr of Missouri
The Authority of Law in Language
The Diamond
Photography Its Recognition as a Fine Art and a Means of Individual Expression
The Memorial Address on Abraham Lincoln
A Brief Outline of the Nature and Aims of Pacifism
An Essay on the Oration
An Excerpt from the Monograph Mass Mind
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Eli Thomas Stackhouse A Representative from South C
History and Evidence of the Passage of Abraham Lincoln from Harrisburg Pa to Washington DC
The Dartford Edition of the Adventures of John Gilpin and His Family with Notes by J Robins
A Barometer Manual for the Use of Seamen
The Presidents Report to the Board of Regents for the Academic Year Ending September 30 1902 Financial Statement for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30 1902
The Commemoration of the Tercentenary of the Birth of John Milton at the First Church in Boston on December Ninth 1908 at 4 OClock
Speech of Hon Wilson Reilly of Pennsylvania
Supplementary Catalogue and Price List of John Bull Heavy Steel-Plate Ranges Made in All Sizes from Smallest Domestic to Largest Hotel
Juvenile Delinquency and Dependency
Geography of Virginia
Town of Belmont New Hampshire Annual Report Volume 1870
To the Citizens of the United States
The Science of Universal History Its Method and Its Relation to the Physical Sciences
Two Papers Upon the Relations of the English Church to Nonconformity Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Lincoln Letters Volume 1
A Sermon Delivered in Boston Sept 16 1813 Before the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions at Their Fourth Annual Meeting
On Some Mistaken Notions of Algonkin Grammar and on Mistranslations of Works from Eliots Bible C
New Hampshire Lake Region Inscriptions Whiteface Intervale Sandwich Perkins Ground New Durham Further Memorials of Meredith
Federal Laws Regulations and Rulings Affecting the Land-Grant Colleges of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts
Two Cases Submitted to Consideration I of the Necessity and Exercise of a Dispensing Power II the Nullity of Any Act of State That Clashes with the Law of God
Calico Land
Ps and QS a Farce Comedy in One Act
The Mode of Altering the Constitution of Rhode Island And a Reply to Papers by Honorable Charles S Bradley and Honorable Abraham Payne
To the Golden Gate and Back Travel Letters
An Historical Address Commemorating the Semi-Centennial Anniversary of the Dedication of the 1st Congregational Meeting-House in Leominster Delivered Wednesday October 15th 1873
Brockton a City of Enterprise
Teachers Handbook of the City History Club of New York
Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Organization of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America First Presbyterian Church in Baltimore MD Wednesday May Sixteenth Nineteen Hundred and Six
Oration Delivered on the Fifth Anniversary of the South Carolina Historical Society at Hibernian Hall in Charleston on Wednesday Evening May 23 1860
Ancestral Line of Stephen Mott Wright from Nicholas Wright the Colonial Ancestor
Addresses at the Tenth Annual Commencement May 29 1901 The Gospel of Work
The Interlude of Wealth and Health
Abuses in Railroad Transportation
Annual Bulletin Volume N16 1889
Advice to Young Anglers
Library of Congress
Report of the Committee on Relics Uniforms of Women Worn During the War
The Song of Solomon in the Lancashire Dialect as Spoken at Bolton
The Reactions of Calcium Carbide with the Vapors of Certain Organic Compounds
Our National Troubles a Thanksgiving Sermon Delivered in the First Baptist Church Before the Firs
Memoirs Volume 1920-1922
Report of the Attorney-General Read in the House of Representatives December 31 1790
Admission of Utah Limitation of State Sovereignty by Compact with the United States An Opinion
Report Volume No4
All Impressments Unlawful and Inadmissible [An Extract of a Letter from the Secretary of State to James Monroe Dated 5th January 1804
Colonel Thomas Cutts Sacos Most Eminent Citizen
Reports of the Committee on Universities of the Washington Board of Trade of October 28 1914 and April 27 1915
Addresses Delivered by GW Ross During His Recent Visit to England and at the Meeting on His Return
An Address Delivered to the Third Division of Massachusetts Militia At a Review on the Plains of Concord 27th August 1800
The Work of Anm American School for the Rehabilitation of the Physically Disabled
A Review of the Performances of Mademoiselle Jenny Lind
Memoirs Volume 1914-1915
A Garland of Verse
The Merrimack Valley
The Last Day at Mud Hollow School
An Oration Delivered on the Fourth of July 1826 at Northampton Mass
The Vital Statistics of Boston Containing and Abstract of the Bills of Mortality for the Last Twenty-Nine Years
An Oration Delivered July 4 1832 Before the City Council and Inhabitants of Boston
The Child and the Man
An Epic of the South West
The Port Book of Boston
The British Academy Transliteration of Arabic and Persian Report of the Committee Appointed to Draw Up a Practical Scheme for the Transliteration Into English of Words and Names Belonging to the Languages of the Nearer East
The Speed Limit
The Improvement of Statistics of Cause of Death Through Supplementary Inquiries to Physicians
A Sketch of the Life and Public Services of General William Henry Harrison of Ohio
The Great Republic the United States of North America
A Scheme for the Conquest of Canada in 1746
The Early History of the Town of Dexter
The Great Chicken Case
A Friendly Tip a Playlet in One Act
A Patron of Art A Farce in One Act
The Correspondence of Fronto and M Aurelius a Lecture Delivered in the Hall of Corpus Christi College Oxford December 3 1903
A Method for the Analysis of Milk
An Eulogium in Memory of the Late Dr Benjamin Rush
The Goblet of Youth
Report of the Proceedings of the Second Annual South African Zionist Conference Held at Johannesburg
Jurisdictional Disputes Resulting from Structural Differences in American Trade Unions
Tributes to the Memory of Robert C Winthrop
The Message of the Missions
The Coffee Leaf Spot in Porto Rico
The Valuation of Real Estate for the Purpose of Taxation
Tappers Graded Piano Music
A Discourse Delivered at Dorchester March 29th 1813
The Fattening of Sheep in Winter
The Contribution of the Anglo-Saxon Church in the Making of the Republic A Sermon Before the Colonial Dames in the Bethlehem Chapel of the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul Washington DC Sunday May 5 1912
In Memory of REV James Ballantyne 1857-1921
From the West and Northwest to the Sea by Way of the Niagara Ship Canal
The Great Civil War in America
A Fool for Luck
A Few Hints for Home Happiness and Comfort Addressed Chiefly to Village Girls on Their Leaving School Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Tobacco Growers Guide
A Defense of Louisiana
A Wet Blanket
A Great Man Fallen A Sermon Preached in the Methodist Church Baton Rouge La April 23 1865
Educational Work of the Young Womens Christian Association
Catalogue of Westminster Seminary
The Connection of the Holy Sacraments with the Spiritual Life and Their Influence on the
Don Quixote Some War-Time Reflections on Its Character and Influence
Annual Report of the Athens City Schools Athens Georgia
The Relation of Philip Phillips to the Repeal of the Missouri Compromise in 1854
A History of the Illinois State Museum of Natural History
Roster Volume 2
Report of Dr W F Elgin of Inspection of Vaccine Propagating Establishments in Europe
Losses in Boiling Vegetables and the Composition and Digestibility of Potatoes and Eggs
Report of Section on Reform of the Jury System
Outline of the Course on Issues of the War for the Student Army Training Corps Issue 1 Part 1
Ships and Havens
An Address
Report on International Action and Machinery Regulating Labor and International Labor Opinion as to
National Exhibition of Cattle To Be Held by the United States Agricultural Society at Springfield Ohio On Wednesday Thursday and Friday the 25th 26th and 27th Days of October 1854
Slides and Photographs List 18
A Treatise on the Hourse and His Diseases Giving All the Principal Drugs Used for the Horse with the Ordinary Dose Effects and Antidote When a Poison Rules for Telling the Age of the Horse and Other Information
Speech at Pittsburg Pennsylvania November 5th 1904
Ode for the Twenty-First of June 1887
Public Comfort Stations for Saint Louis Report of the Street Improvement Committee of the Civic League 1908
A Suggested Readjustment of the Years of Study of the Public Schools of New York City A Memorandum Addressed to Those Interested in the Public Schools of New York City by the City Club of New York
A Lecture in Reply to the Query What Is Brahmoism?
The Solid South
A Prince and a Great Man Is Fallen Funeral Address on the Occasion of Funeral Obsequies in Memory of Abraham Lincoln
Reports of the Several Banks and Savings Institutions
On the Geographic Distribution and Ecological Relations of the Bog Plant Societies of Northern North America
A Summer School of Science Vacation Science Courses Edinburg
The Comical Country Cousins
An Improvement in Hatching and Rearing Boxes
The Black Hills Beetle
Authors Catalogue
A Paper on the Judicial and Legal Condition of the Territory of Wisconsin at and After Its Organization
The Chapter
The Prize Essay
Recent Advances in Science and Their Bearing on Medicine and Surgery
The Comparative Viability of Seeds Fungi and Bacteria When Subjected to Various Chemical Agents
Oaks of Pacific Slope
The Bishop of Lincolns and Bishop of Norwichs Speeches in the House of Lords March the 17th at T
Hoch Der Kaiser Myself Und Gott
Legends of the Rhine and Other Poems
Juris Domestici Et Familiaris Apud Platonem in Legibus Cum Veteris Graeciae Inque Primis Athenarum Institutis Comparatio
Supplies Authorized to Be Used in the Grammar and Primary Schools of the City of New York Under the Control of the Board of Education for the Year 1870
The Nomination of Phineas C Lounsbury A Pamphlet
Remarks on the Jacobinical Tendency of the Edinburgh Review in a Letter to the Earl of Lonsdale
The Trial and Execution for Petit Treason of Mark and Phillis Slaves of Capt John Codman Who Murdered Their Master at Charlestown Mass in 1755 For Which the Man Was Hanged and Gibbeted and the Woman Was Burned to Death Including Also Some Acco
A Form of Prayer Issued by Special Command of His Majesty George III London 1776
Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile Promulgated May 25 1833 with the Amendments Down
Patriotism and the Slaveholders Rebellion an Oration
The Conspiracy
An Address Delivered on the Centennial Celebration
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 15 Issue 9
The Recognition of Pleistocene Faunas
The Protection of Our Native Birds
Answers to Elementary Algebra
Constitutional Doctrines of Webster Hayne and Calhoun
The Industrial Arts Their Influence Upon Human Progress and Culture
Horatiana Seu Critica Ratio Qua Lehrsius in Horati Aliquot Carminibus Usus Est Illustratur Et Exa
The Truth about the War Origin and Aspects of Thw European Conflict Tr from the Spanish
Ann Phillips Wife of Wendell Phillips a Memorial Sketch
The Tragedy A Fantasy in Verse
General Information as to the Nyasaland Protectorate
Observations on New Vegetable Fossils of the Auriferous Drifts
Order and Accession Department
Urban and the Crusaders
Description of the Consolidated Gold Dirt Mines
Rear-Admiral Sir John C Dalrymple Hays Compulsory Retirement from the British Navy
Some Elizabethan Opinions of the Poetry and Character of Ovid
Climatic Variations Their Extent and Causes
Classification for a Physical Training Library with a Complete Index For the Use Primarily of Physical Directors and Others Engaged in the Study or Practice of This Subject
By-Laws of the Credit Foncier Company
The Last Glimpse of the Grouse of 1880 by LAS
The Plan of a Social University
Cradle Lullabies
Comparison of Guru Najak with Jesus Christ
How Can We Best Help Our Camps and Hospitals
Byron and the Abbey
Experiments to Determine If Paralyzed Domestic Animals and Those Associated with Cases of Infantile Paralysis May Transmit This Disease
Corrected Report of Lord John Russell in the House of Commons on Tuesday the 1st of March 1831 on Introducing a Bill for a Reform of the Commons House of Parliament
Bulletin English Literature and Language Series Volume 1
Corrodies at Worcester in the 14th Century Some Correspondence Between the Crown and the Priory of Worcester in the Reign of Edward II Concerning the Corrody of Alicia Conan with a Summary of the Correspondence
Diagrams of the Floor of the Senate and House of Representatives
Catalogue of the Permanent Collection of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts with an Appendix of Works Deposited
The Old Ballad of the Boy and the Mantle
Scotch Live-Stock
Letters from Simpkin the Second
Considerations on Foreign Missions Addressed to Candidates for the Holy Ministry
Progress of Statistics
Speech of Senator Chauncey M DePew at the Nineteenth Annual Dinner Given by the Montauk Club of Brooklyn in Celebration of His Birthday on April 23 1910 Volume 2
The History and Theory of Revolutions Volume 1
Things and Sensations
A Brief History of the New England Historic-Genealogical Society
The Idea of Progress
A Discourse on the Death of President Lincoln
A Discourse Preached in the Center Church in New Haven August 27 1828
The Theory of Schizophrenic Negativism
White Pine Timber Supplies Letter from the Secretary of Agriculture Transmitting a Response to the Senate Resolution of April 14 1897 a Statement Prepared by the Chief of the Division of Forestry Regarding White Pine Timber Supplies
The Humanizing of Commerce and Industry The Joseph Fisher Lecture in Commerce Delivered in Adelaid
A Thanksgiving Sermon Delivered in Whitehall Illinois on Thursday December 7th 1865
Annual Report Volume 1970
The Sword Dances of Northern England Songs and Dance Airs
The Progress of Socialism
Uncle Ethan
A Logical Analysis of the Epistle of Paul to the Romans
Bulletin Issue 4
The Progress of International Law and Arbitration An Inaugural Lecture Delivered
The Modern Disciples of Rembrandt A Sketch of Contemporary Etching To Which Is Appended a Chapter of an Elementary Character Entitled What Etchings Are
An Address of the Democratic Members of Congress from the State of Tennessee to Their Constituents
The Great Railway Conflict
Notes on Two Atoxic Strains of Diptheria Bacilli
The Chinese Question Or Yellow Agony
Lectures Before the Thompson Street Poker Club
The Church of England in Upper Canada 1791-1841
Speusippi de Primis Rerum Principiis Placita Qualia Fuisse Videantur Ex Aristotele Dissertatio Acad
A Concise Practical Treatise on Artificial Fly Fishing for Trout
The Good-Will of My Saviour a Discourse in Memory of REV Aaron Foster
Memoirs of General Lafayette with an Account of His Present Visit to This Country and a Descriptio
The Bay and Padie Book Kiddie Songs
The Opinion of the Chancellor in the Case of Byron Stevens vs the Rutland and Burlington Railroad Company and Others
An Address Delivered Before the Oswego County Agricultural Society at Mexico September 11
An Address Delivered Before the Literary Societies of the Virginia Military Institute
The Effect of Training in Pitch Discrmination
Minutes of the Proccedings of the Second Convention of Delegates of the British American League Held at Toronto CW on Thursday November 1 and by Adjournment on the 2nd 3rd 5th 6th and 7th of November 1849
The Illinois (National) Half-Century Anniversary of Negro Freedom
The Trent Affair an Historical Retrospect
A Letter to W E Channing DD on the Subject of the Abuse of the Flag of the United States in the Island of Cuba and the Advantage Taken of Its Protection in Promoting the Slave Trade
The Future Lady Holland
The State of the Country
Who Was Jack Wilson the Singer of Shakespeares Stage? an Attempt to Prove the Identity of This Person with John Wilson Doctor of Musick in the University of Oxford AD 1644
Oration Delivered July 4 1854 at Honolulu
The Heart of Life a Book of Verse
The Silent Assistant
Tennysons Life and Poetry And Mistakes Concerning Tennyso
Suggestions for the Years Study History D Vassar College
Letters of Loyal Soldiers
To Regulate Radio Communication Hearings April 28 1910 on the Bill (S 7243) to Regulate Radio Communication Before the Committee on Commerce of the Senate of the United States Sixty-First Congress Second Session
Old South Leaflets
The Trail of the Indoor Outer
Gems from Bryant
Trelawny Papers
The Russian Orthodox Church A Treatise of Her Origin and Life
The Nationalisation of the Lard
Questions Upon Various Subjects Connected with Architecture Suggested for the Directions of Corresp
Fort Amsterdam in the Days of the Dutch
Peace! Peace!! But There Is No Peace
Our Puritan Fathers Our Glory A Sermon Preached in Commemoration of the 220th Anniversary of the Founding of the First Church in Charlestown Mass Sunday November 14 1852
Early Newspapers in Illinois Read Before the Franklin Society of the City of Chicago
Practical Theology A Neglected Field in Theological Education
A Reply to General Joseph Reeds Remarks on a Late Publication in the Independent Gazetteer With Some Observations on His Address to the People of Pennsylvania
Brother Aleck
The Union the Constitution Peace A Thanksgiving Sermon Delivered in the Locust St ME Church
Macon Country North Carolina
Neither of Them A Comedietta in One Act
Love and Remorse
Memoir of the Life and Services of Colonel John Nixon
A Brothers Oath Or the Two Avengers [An American Melo-Drama in Five Acts
Speech of Hon Robert Mallory of Kentucky on the Confiscation of Property
Les Projets de Mariage Ou Les Deux Militaires Comedie En Un Acte Et En Prose
The Sin of Reviling and Its Work A Funeral Sermon Occasioned by the Assassination of President Lincoln April 14th 1865
Geographical Historical Political Philosophical and Mechanical Essays The First Containing an Analysis of a General Map of the Middle British Colonies in America
Major Gen Burbank an Early Paper Maker
Distance Between Hills for Corn in the Illinois Corn Belt
Personal Observations and Experiences Relating to William Jennings Bryan
Second Biennial Report of the Lincoln Homestead Trustees Report of Gettsyburg Monument Commissioners and Supplemental Report Trustees State Reform School Pontiac to the Thirty-Seventh General Assembly of the State of Illinois January 2 1890
My Observation Oversea
Keys to Shakespeares Treasure House A Series of Questions Covering Certain of the Bards Plays Designed to Aid Students and to Point a Way for the Desultory Reader Volume 2
List of Officers and Members
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Road Agents School Board and Haynes Library of the Town of Alexandria Volume 1901
Some Points in Choosing Textiles
Some Important School Legislation 1921 and 1922
Delegates Reports to the Sons of the Revolution in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Foot-Prints For the Retail Trade of Canada -- Volume 1914 June
Afro-American Church Work and Workers
The Handling of Sheep on the National Forests La Manipulacion de Las Ovejas En Los Bosques Nacional
Eulogy on Lieut Col Martin Scott Delivered at Bennington VT March 3 1848
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 5 No 3
State and Local Historical Societies
Modesto the Automobile Gateway to Yosemite
Memorial of Hon Toppan Robie
Speeches Before the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society January 1852
Mr Bancrofts Oration Volume 2
National Sins and National Judgements Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Westchester County and the Town of Rye An Address
[Annual Report of the Committee of the Baptist Missionary Society ]
Notes on Parisian Newspapers
Japanese Collections Frank W Gunsaulus Hall Volume Fieldiana Popular Series Anthropology No 3
Mr Osborne Morgans Burials Bill Speech of the Right Hon Benjamin Disraeli MP in the House of Commons March 26 1873 on Moving the Rejection of the Bill on Its Second Reading Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Inauguration of Joseph J Lampe as Professor of Old Testament Literature and Exegesis
Narrative Report of the Town Officers of Amherst New Hampshire Volume 1891
Speeches of Messrs Buchanan and Benton on the Bill to Admit the State of Michigan Into the Union
Benton County Her Organization and Early History and Memorial Tribute to Her Early Settlers
Watches at Wholesale Prices --
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 3 No 5
Elizabeth Skelton Danforth Whose Life Was a Benediction Whose Memory Is a Beatitude
Manual of the Pennsylvania Society Purpose Terms of Membership Sketch of the Society Charter Constitution List of Members Publications
Discovery of New-England by the Northmen Five Hundred Years Before Columbus With an Introduction on the Antiquities of America and the First Inhabitants of Central America with Important Additions a Lecture Delivered in New-York Washington Boston a
Proceedings of a Public Meeting of the Citizens of Providence Held in the Beneficent Congregational Church March 7 1854 to Protest Against Slavery in Nebraska
James Stewarts Answer to a Letter Writ by Mijn Heer FagelConcerning the Repeal of the Penal Laws and Tests
Humorous Verse on Current Events and Other Topics August Number 1916
Annual Report of the Town of Bow New Hampshire Volume 1878
The North Carolina Teachers Reading Circle
A Womans Affection
The Speech of Michael T Sadler on the State and Prospects of the Country
The English Establishments on the Gold Coast in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century
An Appeal from the Southern States to the Northern Eastern and Western States of the United States
An Address Delivered Before the Piedmont Agricultural Society on the 19th Day of October 1876 at Culpepper Virginia
An Address Delivered at the Stated Meeting of November 7 1917
The Baby a Farce in One Act
A Feast Full of Sad Cheere Where Griefs Are All on Heape
The Dangerous Condition of the Country the Causes Which Have Lead to It and the Duty of the People Volume 1
The Broken Lute
A Day in Historic and Beautiful Annapolis
The Toxic Property of Sulphur
The Chaplet a Poetical Offering the Lyceums Bazaar
The Equal Rights of All
A Prophecy and a Plea
The Duty of the Neutrals Lecture Given at the Ateneo Madrid Spain
A System of Lucid Shorthand
The Days Gone by
The Derivation of the Flora of Hawaii
The Plymouth Pilgrims
A Branch of the Woodruff Stock Volume 1
The Dairy and Food Laws of the State of Utah
Precedents Bearing on the Admission of Members of the Society of the Cincinnati of Massachusetts
Atlas of the Viscera in Situ of the Dairy Cow
The Social Condition of Labor
A Letter on the Proposed Changes in the Laws of Real Property and on Modern Conveyancing
The Ghost Story A One-Act Play for Persons of No Great Age
A Wooden Image from Kentucky
Proceedings of the National Republican Convention Held at Frankfort Kentucky on Thursday December 9 1830
The Winning of the West
The Vineland Pioneers
The Visions of Youth
Political Musings
An Account of the Hospital and School for the Indigent Blind
The Great War A Review in Miniature
The Cost of War and Warfare
The Book-Plates of William Fowler Hopson by Charles Dexter Allen
The Story of Illinois Delivered at the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Federation at Bloomington Feb 8 1918
Aldini A Romantic Comedy in Four Acts
The Vineyards in Alameda County Being the Report of Charles Bundschu
Eulogy on Daniel Webster
The Argument for Manual Training
A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of London at the Visitation in October MDCCCXLII
An Address Delivered on the Dedication of the Cemetery at Mount Auburn September 24 1831
A Plea for Liberty of Conscience and Personal Freedom from Military Conscription in Letters to Thom
The Meaning of Truth in History
The Anglers Pocket Diary and Monthly Guide
A Complimentary Epistle to James Bruce
The Bromfields
Speech of Hon Horatio Seymour Before the Democratic Union State Convention at Albany September 10th 1862 on Receiving the Nomination for Governor
A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of REV Ephraim Peabody DD
The Life of Sir Thomas Bodley Written by Himself
The Kantian Epistemology and Theism
The Loyalists of Tennessee in the Late War
The Sacrifice to the Morning Star by the Skidi Pawnee
A Preliminary Genealogy of the Dyar Family
The Relations of Kansas Railroads to the State of Kansas
A Florentine Christmas of a Century Ago
A Dissertation on the Means of Regeneration
An Inaugural Discourse Delivered Before the New-York Historical Society
A Catalogue of One Hundred Illustrated Books 1472-1896
The United States of America Compared with Some European Countries Particularly England
Proceedings of the Third Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women Held in Philadelphia May 1st 2
Cursory Reflexions on the System of Taxation Established in the City of Philadelphia With a Brief
Treaty Stipulations Between Mexico and the United States Act of Congress of March 3 1851 Instructions of the Department of the Interior to the Commissioners Regulations of the Commissioners for the Presentment and Prosecution of Claims
Night-Working Mothers in Textile Mills Passaic New Jersey
Boots at the Swan a Farce in One Act
The Roundworms of Domestic Swine With Special Reference to Two Species in the Stomach
Annual Report Town of Center Harbor New Hampshire Volume 1883
Cotton and Common Sense a Treatise on Perennial Cotton (Gossypium Arboreum) Its Commercial Value as Compared with Herbaceous Cotton--The Feasibility of Its Culture in Northern Latitudes Etc Etc
Archaeology as a Subject of Antiquarian Study
Teak in Siam and Indo-China
A Tour in Switzerland and Various Parts of the Continent
The Ecological Significance of the Eagle Creek Flora of the Columbia River Gorge
A Letter on the West India Question Addressed to the British People
Restauracion de El Misterio de Los Reyes Magos La Pagina Mas Antigua del Teatro Espanol
Address Delivered Before the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture
Alphabetical List of the Genera and Species of Sponges Described by HJ Carter Esq FRS Together with a Number of His More Important References to Those of Other Authors with an Introductory Notice
The Transvaal Crisis
The Massachusetts Law Concerning the Investigation of Fires with Something of Its History and Opera
Washington His Personality Being a History and Description of the Only Life Cast Ever Made of the Features of George Washington
The Pottery and Porcelain Factories of China Their Geographical Destribution and Periods of Activity
Patriotism the Safe Guard of the Nation
The Place of English Literature in the Modern University An Inaugural Lecture Delivered at East London
Proceedings of the First Annual Dinner Given by the Union League Club of Brooklyn at Avon Hall on the Eighty-First Anniversary of Abraham Lincolns Birthday February 12 1890
Not Much of a Story After All Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
New Echinoids from the Ripley Group of Mississippi Volume Fieldiana Geology Vol4 No1
History of Maryland Prepared for the Use of the Public Schools of the State
Address Delivered Before the Boston Scottish Society
Speech of Hon W L Underwood of Kentucky
Where Hudsons Voyage Ended an Inquiry
Annual Reports for the Town of Bristol New Hampshire Volume 1873
The Sword-Dances of Northern England Collected and Described Volume V1
Annual Report of the Town of Bow New Hampshire Volume 1907
List of Portraits Lithographs - Etchings Mezzotints
Annual Report Volume 1898
Marriage with a Deceased Wifes Sister Leviticus XVIII 18 Considered in Connection with the Law of the Levirate A Letter to the Right Hon the Lord Hatherley Lord High Chancellor of England C C C Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphle
Queenston Heights -
Reminiscences of John Davidson a Maine Pioneer
Neufchatel and Cream Cheese Farm Manufacture and Use
At the Window
Some Jewish Associates of John Brown
Special History of New York
Manual of Fort Stanwix Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution 1907
Address of Hon Daniel Needham at the Dedication of the Town Hall at Falmouth Mass September 29 1881
The Peoples Right to Election or Alteration of Government in Connecticott Argued in a Letter
The Harveian Oration
The Past and the Present Condition and the Destiny of the Colored Race
A Discourse Delivered on the Death of Capt Paul Cuffee Before the New-York African Institution
A Special Library for the Rubber Industry
A Key to the Exercises Contained in Ahns Method of Learning the Spanish Language
The North and the South
The Sextons Monitor and Dorchester Cemetery Memorial
A Brief History of the Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church
The Descendants of Anthony Day of Gloucester Mass 1645
The Private Life of Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur de Bienville
The Peace of the World
A Sermon Delivered Before His Excellency Edward Everett Governor His Honor George Hull Lieutenant
A Sermon Preached November 26 1829 Being the Day of Thanksgiving
A Parody on the Political House That Jack Built O the Real House That Jack Built
The Lonely God and Other Poems
The Presidents Message the Recognition of the Independence of the Republic of Cuba
A Treatise on the Divine Goodness and Justice as Revealed in the Holy Scriptures
The Object of the Labor Movement
The Catalog
The Letters of Pope to Atterbury When in the Tower of London
The Cost of Milk Production Computed on the Year Basis
The New Departure in College Education
The Little Minister
The Old Wisconse
The War from the Standpoint of the Business Man An Address
The Right of Precedence Between Physicians and Civilians Enquired Into
The Forests of Kent County
A Sermon Preached at the Funeral of His Excellency William Eustis Esq Late Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Presence of the Constituted Authorities of the State February 11 1825
A Process for Preserving the Pearl-Oyster Fisheries and for Increasing the Value of the Yield of Pearls
A Lecture on the Progress of Higer Technical Instruction in Relation to the Education of Engineers
A History of the Wrongs of Alaska
The New Hampshire Brigade in the Sullivan Compaign Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the N H Society Sons of the American Revolution July 12 1910
The Cult of Content
The Picturesque City Springfield Massachusetts A Series of Forty Views Showing the Picturesque Side of This City of Homes
A Discourse Delivered at Bayfield on the Public Fast April 7 1814
A Thanks-Giving Sermon
The Story of Los Angeles and Southern California
An Address in Memory of Ulysses S Grant
An Earnest Address to the Churchmen of the Three Towns Plymouth Devonport and Stonehouse on the Danger of Division and Spiritual Rebellion in Answer to a Pamphlet by Commander Kenney Advocating the Necessity of an Alteration in the Book of Common Pra
An Address Delivered Before the Jefferson County Agricultural Society
The Thornless Prickly Pears
The REV John Williams House
A Sermon Preached to the Society in Brattle Square June 8th 1823 The Lords Day After the Interment of the Late Hon John Phillips
The Theory and Practice of Sanitation in Country Places Including the Bacteriolytic Tank-System
Two Blind Beggars and One Less Blind A Tragic Comedy in One Act
Did the Norsemen Erect the Newport Round Tower
England Russia Persia a Sketch Historical Political and Prophetic
The Solid South Its Political Spirit Methods and Purposes
Notes on the Parish Churches of Wirral
The Vision of the Madonna
Proceedings of the Alabama State Council of Defense Held in the Senate Chamber Montgomery Alabama June 1 1917
Organization of the Committee Scope and Objects Preliminary Activities Outline of Plans of Subcommittees Membership List
Between Trains in Kansas City
Oration of Colonel Edward D Baker Over the Dead Body of David C Borderick a Senator of the United States 18th September 1859
Ben Jonsons Romer-Dramen
Disadvantages of Selling Cotton in the Seed
The Future of Copper and the Gold Age
The Worth of Ancient Literature to the Modern World
Package Facts
Haddock V Haddock (201 US 562)
Free Trade Not Proven in Seven Letters to the People of England
Fifteenth Century Pilgrim Life on the Mediterranean
Strictures on the Letter of JKL Entitled a Vindication of the Religious and Civil Principles of T
The Case of the Importation of Bar-Iron from Our Own Colonies of North America Humbly Recommended to the Consideration of the Present Parliament
The Structure of the Text of the Book of Amos
The Story of Madison
The New-Church League Journal Volumes 12-13
The Genius of Chaucer a Prize Essay
An Account of the Proceedings at the Laying of the Corner-Stone of the State Emigrant Hospital
A Letter on Lincoln
An Oration on the Life Character and Public Services of the Late President James K Polk
The Friendless Orphan
A Discourse Delivered at the Dedication of the Chapel of the Church of the Saviour Sunday April 19 1846
The City Where Crime Is Play
The Divine Headship and Unity of Israel Scripturally Vindicated [By Mrs Simon]
The Secret Revealed
A Forced Friendship A Farce in One Act
The Truth about the Transvaal Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Presidents Report to the Board of Regents for the Year Ending Sept 30 1893

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